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Welcome to Oceanview Resources, where experience meets education.

With over 40 years of teaching expertise in various educational settings,

including classroom instruction from K-6, multi-grade classrooms, large urban

schools, and quaint rural schools, I've honed my skills in TESOL,

Reading Recovery, and casual relief teaching.

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Explore our collection of teacher reference materials, specifically designed to help you navigate the vast realm of online educational resources. Whether you're a full-time educator, a temporary teacher, or a relief teacher, these invaluable references will aid you in finding the best resources to enhance your daily teaching experience.


decor pack


Are you a dedicated classroom teacher looking to start the school year on the right foot? Look no further! Our Back-to-School Decor Packs are here to help you organize and inspire your students from day one.

Set the Stage for Success:

Our decor packs are carefully curated to make your classroom setup a breeze. Say goodbye to the stress of decorating, and say hello to an inviting and organized learning environment.

Organized and Ready:

Get a head start on classroom management with our thoughtfully designed decor. From bulletin board sets to desk organizers, we've got you covered, so you can focus on what you do best—teaching!


Say goodbye to tedious preparation and hello to engaging, self-correcting games that work seamlessly on any device supporting Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Interactive Learning:

Learning has never been this exciting! Dive into a world of interactive games that make even the toughest subjects enjoyable. Our games turn lessons into engaging challenges that students love.

Curriculum Diversity:

No matter the subject or grade level, our library of games covers it all. From math and science to language arts and history, we have games that align with your curriculum needs.

Low Preparation:

Teachers, we understand your time is precious. Our games are designed to require minimal preparation, so you can focus on teaching rather than creating materials.


Instant feedback is the key to improvement. Our games automatically assess students' responses, providing real-time feedback and helping learners identify areas for growth.

Ocean View Resources is a one-stop shop for primary school teachers looking for educational resources. We offer a wide selection of materials, including lesson plans, activities, and worksheets, suitable for use in full-time or relief teaching positions.

Our resources are designed to be engaging and interactive, making them perfect for keeping students motivated and engaged in the classroom. We are dedicated to helping teachers succeed in the classroom and make learning fun for their students.

Looking for relief teaching books? Look no further than Ocean View Resources! Our website offers a wide range of educational resources for primary school teachers, including relief teaching books.

"I have more confidence in having a back up if my day gets changed last. minute thanks to Ocean View Resources. The Ultimate Relief Teachers guide makes ease of navigation a pleasure to use. I would recommend Ocean View Resources to any primary school teacher, whether they work full-time or as a casual relief teacher. The rich and engaging ideas in the resources provided have proven invaluable to me as a relief teacher, and I have used many of the resources bought here on every relief day this year. It has saved me in times of need during online learning, fitness, brain breaks and extension activities


"One of the best things about Ocean View Resources is that all the of the links can are in one place so that I have them on my storage device, so I don't need to pack as many materials – I can just click and go to many of the suggested websites. My favourite features would also be the teacher tools for keeping track of courses attended, feedback for teachers worksheets, and ready to print templates to use across a wide range of subjects and topics. I would definitely recommend Ocean View Resources to any relief teacher as a necessity in their bag of tricks."


As a new teacher, I wanted to be as prepared as possible, and Ocean View Resources has provided me with great resource ideas as well as helpful tips through their Facebook Group “Teachers Thriving and Surviving” . I love the way the book is divided into different subjects making it easy to find what I need. The diary and organizer are also have helped me to keep on task with my professional development, and making notes about individual schools. Ocean View Resources has been a valuable resource and is well worth the expense , it has more than earned its money back.